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Hello, my name is Barbara Helisova, and I am a Czech (barely anymore) living currently in Southern California. I have a degree in Spanish with minors in German, Creative Writing and International Studies. I am very interested in the world around me and most domains of human knowledge, especially the arts, literature, music, psychology, philosophy, and yoga. I love travelling and learning new languages, and I quite enjoy being a foreigner (although a very well-adjusted one), because there's always something new to learn, and you never quite fit in the box (which can be a nice advantage sometimes.) I think creating Wikipedia was an excellent idea. I like the fact that it reaches out to everyone (at least everyone that has an access to a computer,) and makes it a world-wide project. I also like its ambition to trust its creators and members. A perfect example of how anarchy can function! There's no need for editing and correction from one authority... anything unsound and incorrect gets automatically straightened out in the process. I am glad to join.