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The WikiProject Television Buffyverse taskforce is an attempt to organize, categorize, and standardize articles about the Buffyverse (Buffy, Angel, Fray, & its novels/comics). All Buffyverse articles can be found at this index. This immense project needs many writers, editors, readers, researchers, etc. Anyone with a knowledge/interest in the Buffyverse is welcome to join this project. Feel free to contact members for help getting to grips with everything.

Writing and editing can currently be done from:


Scope - Project focuses on the works derived from Joss Whedon's Buffy the Vampire Slayer including Angel and non-televised medium, such as comics and novels.

Short Term

  • Develop character articles with further real-universe context. Add more sources, and citations (especially those from published print).
  • Develop episode articles with further real-universe context. Add more sources, and citations (especially those from published print) here.
  1. implement naming conventions for Buffyverse articles
  2. continue implementing format conventions for characters / episodes

Long Term

  1. re-categorize Buffyverse articles (incl. a parent category with browsable and specific subcategories)
  2. implement a more seamless browsability between articles


Here are examples of the structures that should be used, the infoboxes that should be used are found on the example pages:


Archived discussion: Buffyverse character discussion
Example: "Spike (Buffyverse)"

There has been a move in 2010-2011 to change character articles to redirects to a list of characters despite such articles getting hits daily. The list contains less information, and less room for useful real-world context. To counter this, the project will benefit from improving the character articles. Many of the character articles are written primarily from an in-universe perspective. The articles would benefit from more real-world context. E.g. comments from writers, actors, and reviewers. As this is done we could add sections such as "Notes and references" section and cite any sources for this real-world context. This process has already started for some of the character articles which have been given a "Writing and acting" section which deals with the characters from an out-of-Buffyverse perspective. E.g. see Riley Finn#Writing and acting, Tara Maclay#Writing and acting, Allen Francis Doyle#Writing and acting, Maggie Walsh#Writing and acting, Jonathan Levinson#Writing and acting.

Also the Wesley Wyndam-Pryce has been given extensive out-of-Buffyverse perspective from writers and Denisof, and this perspective has been merged with the in-Buffyverse perspective.

We may require further discussions on the best way to further improve the character articles.

Episode work[edit]

See main article: Wikipedia:WikiProject Buffyverse/Episodes
Example: "Lessons".

Our key task is to improve the behind the scenes information (citing our sources as we go). Sections in episodes articles:

  • Plot
  • Acting - list
    • Main cast
    • Special guest star
    • Guest stars
    • Also starring
  • Writing - Relating to writing, writers, or actors, but avoid POV
    • Arc significance - Themes or events that have a wider impact on the arc.
    • Continuity - References that are the result of earlier themes/events.
    • Quotes - Wikiquote Box logically goes here. Keep quotes without analysis to a minimum.
    • Cultural references - So far very few episodes have this section, but Buffy is a show that contains lots of pop-culture references every episode (and these are sometimes obscure especially to foreign viewers, so these sections maybe potentially be very useful for the Wikipedia Buffyverse guide). For an example of how this section can be written see, Ted (Buffy episode)#Cultural References
  • Production details - 'Translations' and 'Music' can have their own sub-sections in here. Other topics might include special effects, sets, camera work...
    • Music
    • Translations
  • Timing - Includes table of surrounding Buffyverse stories, e.g. {{Buffychron2002b}}.
  • References
  • External links - Includes chart of Buffyverse & related topics. Template: {{Buffyversenav}}

Research using:


The following checklist is designed to highlight articles needing work on, please strike off articles once the work needed has been done. NOTE: (The separate sub-page contains the check list of episodes, and details of work needing to be done Wikipedia:WikiProject Buffy/Episodes)

Episode articles needing appropriate 'Summary'[edit]

The summary should be around 100-200 words:

Episodes without any/enough quotes[edit]

Several Angel episodes have very few (or no) quotes:



Example: Wolfram and Hart


Example: Jane Espenson


Newly created articles[edit]

Newer articles may have had less editing than longer-existing ones. For a list of more recent articles see:

Wikipedia:WikiProject Buffyverse/Newly created articles

Subforums and Discussion[edit]

Managing Articles

  • Characters - old discussion about Buffyverse character articles
  • Episodes - Episode checklist, outlinging what needs to be done, and what has been done so fararticles.
  • Concepts - Space for discussion of mythology, concepts...

Managing the Project

  • General - grammar, literary conventions, content and formatting
  • Strategy - Space for approaches, suggestions, requests
  • Project Talk - meta: the project itself


This barnstar can be used to award Wikipedians who make any outstanding contributions to Buffyverse-related articles. To use it, just paste the code (copy it whilst in edit-mode of this page) on the Wikipedian's discussion page with a message relevant to their contributions e.g. "Well done on improving behind the scenes information of Buffy episode articles". Wikipedians who are not fans of the Buffyverse who significatnly help out this wikiproject might especially deserve this.

Buffyverse Barnstar.JPG The Buffyverse Barnstar
(write message giving reasons why this Wikipedian deserves the award)
  • User:Nalvage - Single-handedly improved/improving the respectability of Wikipedia's Buffyverse articles by working hard to improve language and remove unsubstantiated rumours/opinions (all the while providing useful edit summaries).
  • User:Smartjoe299 -For working tirelessly on improving the Buffyverse appearances and implimenting others' advice.


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