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Calgary-North East
Alberta electoral district
Calgary-North East 2017.svg
Calgary-North East within the City of Calgary (2017 boundaries).
Provincial electoral district
LegislatureLegislative Assembly of Alberta
Rajan Sawhney
United Conservative
District created1957
District abolished1951
District re-created2017
First contested1959
Last contested1959
Population (2016)40,366
Area (km²)66.5
Pop. density (per km²)607

Calgary-North East (previously styled Calgary North East) is a provincial electoral district in Calgary, Alberta. The riding has existed twice, having been contested in the 1959 and abolished soon after, becoming Calgary East. It has been re-established in time for the 2019 general election in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Boundary history[edit]

The historic 1959 redistribution of the provincial ridings of Calgary and Edmonton marked the transition back to First Past the Post. From 1921 to 1959 Calgary and Edmonton, along with a few other ridings in the province elected members with Single Transferable Vote. The redistribution created seven ridings in Calgary, two of those still exist today.

This transition was done in part to standardize the electoral system across the province and because Calgary and Edmonton were becoming too large to be a single riding. The other six ridings were Calgary Bowness, Calgary West, Calgary Glenmore, Calgary Centre, Calgary South East, Calgary North.

However, the riding was abolished after only one term, becoming Calgary-East. It has been re-established by the 2017 Electoral Boundaries Commission, created from parts of Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill and Calgary-McCall, and will be contested in the 2019 Alberta general election.

Representation history[edit]

Members of the Legislative Assembly
for Calgary-North East[1]
Assembly Years Member Party
See Calgary 1921-1959
14th 1959–1963 Albert Ludwig Social Credit
See Calgary-East after 1963
See Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill, Calgary-Northern Hills, and
Calgary-McCall before 2019
30th 2019 Rajan Sawhney United Conservative

Calgary North East was represented by Social Credit MLA Albert Ludwig for the one term it was active. He went on to represent Calgary-East and Calgary-Mountain View after it was abolished.

In 2018 and 2019, the re-created Calgary-North East saw nomination controversies for both the governing New Democrats and opposition United Conservatives, with allegations of ballot-stuffing and non-residents voting in the contests.[2][3] United Conservative candidate Rajan Sawhney was elected as Calgary-North East's second representative, and appointed as Minister of Community and Social Services.

Election Results[edit]


1959 Alberta general election
Party Candidate Votes %
Social Credit Albert Ludwig 5,945 64.24
Progressive Conservative Melvin Stronach 1,829 19.76
Liberal E. Kitch Elton 1,060 11.46
Co-operative Commonwealth Jack Hampson 420 24.30
Total valid votes 9,254 100.00
Registered voters / Turnout 16,961 54.56
Social Credit pickup new district.


2015 Alberta general election redistributed results
New Democratic 4,043 38.35%
Progressive Conservative 2,795 26.52%
Wildrose 2,732 25.92%
Liberal 824 7.82%
Others 147 1.39%
2019 Alberta general election
Party Candidate Votes % ±%
United Conservative Rajan Sawhney 8,376 49.3% -3.14
New Democratic Gurbachan Brar 6,046 35.6% -2.75
Alberta Party Nate Pike 1,791 10.6% -
Liberal Gul Khan 761 4.5% -3.32
Total valid votes 16,974
Rejected, spoiled, and declined 105
Registered electors 28,553
Turnout 59.7%

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