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Men are used to mean soldiers or strength of an army. This can be added. Jay 15:20, 14 Feb 2004 (UTC)

Probably worth adding, but no one should be confused into thinking "men in arms" is a catch phrase in the way "man-at-arms" and "men-at-arms" (not what Jay meant) (and babe in arms, also not what he meant!) are. --Jerzy 18:11, 2004 Feb 14 (UTC)

missing sense of word[edit]

There doesn't seem to be an entry here for "man" as used in phrases like "the rights of man" or "the relationship between man and God". Human doesn't really cover it—too literal and biological. Perhaps there is no WP article to link to for this meaning, but shouldn't there be? --Trovatore 01:21, 13 April 2006 (UTC)

Added "MAN" networking use[edit]

MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network, its a computer networking term.

I added it and made searches for MAN (all capitolized) redirect to the correct page.

Stop removing "British Isles" from Isle of Man[edit]

Bardcom, stop removing "British Isles" from after the Isle of Man. The Isle of Man is not in the UK, and people are entitled to have some idea of where it is. You call it a "superfluous reference" - but there is a lot in here more "superfluous" - and that is unfair anyway. It is not superfluous. You are removing "British Isles" in many other articles too - stop going around doing it. --Matt Lewis (talk) 01:13, 29 May 2008 (UTC)