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My Work[edit]

2008 Rochester Red Wings season My Best
Expeditus - my first creation (technically I created it, but did not put much into it)
Randy Ruiz - Used in a DYK!
Matt Macri - expanded on a stub
Catholic Family News (added a controversies section)
Riccardo Ingram -Created and wrote
Template:2008 IL North standings - My first template
George Ellwanger
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery (Rochester, New York)
Don Alonzo Watson
Hartwell Carver
Isaac Scott - The founder!
List of mayors of Rochester, New York - On going project creating pages for all the mayors
Myron Holley

Working on[edit]

Jacques Delors
Philip V of Spain
Isabel Martínez de Perón
Íngrid Betancourt

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