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Please observe proper conduct while in this talk page. Shorts and bare shoulders are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Open 24 hrs.

Survey: About J.P. 2[edit]

I'm taking a survey: please post your comments or reactions below. Question: What were Pope John Paul II's greatest achievements during his papacy? How do you find him? I have the last say.

User Categorisation[edit]

You were listed on the Wikipedia:Wikipedians/Europe page as living in or being associated with Europe. As part of the Wikipedia:User categorisation project, these lists are being replaced with user categories. If you would like to add yourself to the category that is replacing the page, please visit Category:Wikipedians in Europe for instructions.--Rmky87 04:28, 12 October 2005 (UTC)

World Citizen userbox, {{User:1ne/Userboxes/User world}}[edit]

Hi, I noticed the message saying you're a World Citizen, I would like to invite you to add {{User:1ne/Userboxes/User world}} to your user page if you wish to proclaim it in a more effective way, and this template will also add you automatically to the Wikipedians with World Citizenship category. :) --Mistress Selina Kyle 00:08, 18 December 2005 (UTC)


WP-TranslationProject TwoFlags.svg

Hello! A while ago you signed up to help translate articles from other Wikipedias at Wikipedia:Translators available.

This page has since become obsolete and has been replaced by two userbox templates.

If you are still interested in translating, you may sign up again by using one of the following userboxes on your userpage (while changing, of course, the codes according to the languages you speak):


We hope to see you soon on Wikipedia:Translation!