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V Aug Sep Oct Nov Total
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FfD 0 0 13 9 22
AfD 0 0 0 87 87

This page contains Articles for deletion discussions that have finished their discussion period and are eligible to be closed following the deletion process. You can still add your comments to these discussions, but please be aware that once a deletion discussion is on this page it can be closed at any time.

Administrators should remove the link to each day's discussions once all the discussions for that day are closed. However, there needs to be at least one day on this list for technical reasons.

Needing TranswikiWikipedia:Transwiki log[edit]

Please do remove items from this list until the results of the AfD debate have been completely finished. That is, the article has been Transwikied, and then deleted, merged, or redirected, whichever was decided.

Wikibooks prefers to do transwiki by way of a 'request for import', which should be made prior to deletion here. Ask the importer to leave a note here once it has been done.

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