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Regular disclaimer on vandal User:Rovoam[edit]

Dear fellow Wikipedians,

This IP is just one of a whole army of anon IPs used by a well-known vandal User:Rovoam, who without exagerration deserves to be included in the history of Wikipedia as THE most persistent and obsessed vandal that has appeared in Wikipedia so far.

This person has been extremely persistent and obsessive in vandalizing numerous Azerbaijan and Turkey-related entries, such as Nagorno-Karabakh, Caucasian Albania, Artsakh, Arran (Azerbaijan), Urartu, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kura-Araxes culture, Nakhichevan, Safavids, and since recently, Karabakh, Khojaly, Khojaly massacre, Stepanakert, Khankendi, Demographics of Azerbaijan, History of Azerbaijan, History of Turkey.

He also vandalized user pages and talkpages, including User:Tabib, User:Tony Sidaways, (user page and talkpages), User:Rdsmith4 (talkpage), User:Weyes, User:Dante Alighieri, User:Chanting Fox.

Since the person uses wide range of IPs, it is virtually impossible to stop him by blocking. In the past he's been blocked numerous times but each time returned with a new IP. That's why the admins chose to vprotect most of the above mentioned pages (some of them more than once).

Rovoam started his actions in Wikipedia from introducing nationalistic POV edits in Nagorno-Karabakh yet back in February 2005. His aggressive discussion behaviour, unilateral un-agreed changes to the entry, and most importantly malicious tricks and manipulations with the history logs have quickly caused a conflict involving him and several other editors, with myself being his major opponent.

The conflict was formally decided after Arbitration committee placed him under one-year revert limitation and personal attack parole [1]. However, this decision made Rovoam even more radical and obsessive, as he kept to deliberately vandalize and disrupt Wikipedia, perhaps out of his personal feeling of hatred towards me (?for exposing him and proving him wrong?..).

This person is very wily and smart which makes him rather dangerous. He is not the usual sort of vandal, but is rather knowledgeable in what he's dealing with. He could have been very valuable for Wikipedia if not his intentions and vandalisms. Rovoam is very able in manipulating with people by playing on history logs and various other means. His edits sometimes are misleading and not obvious.

As I have numerously stated in my communication with a number of other editors including but not limited to User:Tony Sidaway, User:Codex Sinaiticus, User:Isomorphic, User:Who, User:Dbachmann, the only way effective to deal with this person is for other editors to unite and withstand all his spurious edits and vandalisms. Only then will he understand the whole senselessness of his actions.

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--Tabib 09:17, May 25, 2005 (UTC)