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Carina may refer to:





Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


Other uses[edit]

  • Carina, a Latin word for the keel of a ship or for its entire hull
  • Carina Rugby League Football Club
  • Toyota Carina, an automobile
  • USS Carina (AK-74), a 1942 United States Navy cargo ship used in World War II
  • The name of the Air New Zealand mainframe PSS, operational since the mid-1970s. An acronym for Communications And Reservations In National Airline. The name was from NAC prior to the 1978 merger with Air New Zealand. NAC (National Airways Corporation) was a separate domestic airline. Their system consisted of Message Switching, Reservations and FDDS - no DCS (I think checkin was still a manual process. The Air New Zealand system (international flights only) was called Terrier) and included DCS. Eventually both were replaced by a single system, which for largely internal politics reasons retained the name Carina. Carina DCS has remained the gold standard to this day.

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